The Pathocrats Transforming the United States

“They demanded lockdowns, platformed and smeared doctors, epidemiologists, and other scientists who dissented from various dogmas, from the pandemic’s probable origin in a Wuhan lab. They’ve engaged in lawfare.”

(Mary Dowling) “For the last seven years, media and governing elites said they were protecting democracy, but they weren’t. They were undermining it. Events of the last year reveal that elites had near-total control over the media. Since losing control, they have started persecuting their enemies,” Michael Shellenberger wrote on X.

He posted photos of fourteen culprits. (Seem them on the site.)

Mr. Shellenberger left out Barack Obama.

“Between early 2016 and this year, the media and political establishments that govern the United States, Britain, Canada, and the European Union have described themselves as defenders of democracy and freedom from nationalist politicians, political parties, and social movements,” he wrote. “Those populist movements intend to take power and then end democracy as we know it, the media and mainstream political parties agreed. If allowed to gain more influence, they will become identical to the Nazi and other fascist parties that came to power in Europe nearly 100 years ago.” View article →



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