Disney Can’t Stop Poking the Corpse of ‘Star Wars’

“Star Wars fans are not sexist, racist, or whatever- phobic. They just love their franchise. They want good stories and characters about which they can care. They recognize when someone is trying to wreck it for no other reason than to score some woke points. Or phone it in for the money.”

(Lincoln Brown – PJ Media) “In my day,” he said, leaning back in his rocking chair and taking up his whittling, “we didn’t have no ‘Episode IV: A New Hope.’ We had ‘Star Wars.’ And we were grateful to have it.”

And it’s true. We were.

A great deal of mental energy has been burned up analyzing why the original film was a blockbuster. Culture pundits have focused on the American malaise from the war in Vietnam, Watergate, and the national hangover from all of the 60s activism. Names like Joseph Campbell and Akira Kurosawa have been invoked. View article →




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