International House of Prayer Gives Update on Mike Bickle Investigation, Warns It Will Take Time.

(Protestia) The embattled International House of Prayer in Kansas City has given a brief update on where they stand after expelling leader and founder Mike Bickle from their midsts following sexual misconduct allegations. Kurt Fuller, a retired major general who took over Executive Director responsibilities of the church following a round of resignations, told the church yesterday:

“I’ve heard enough and seen enough to know that there are some issues here that need to be addressed and some of them urgently….(my job is to) “get to the bottom of all these allegations, not just those about Mike Bickle, but also those that are now directed to the organization as a whole.”

Turning the mic over to IHOPKC Spokesperson Eric Volz, he likewise shared:

“I will say that to date IHOPKC has appropriately handled this case considering the cards that it has been dealt, and I believe there will be a day when the diligence and the care in which this organization has handled this will be very clear. View article →



Mike Bickle Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Denounced By IHOP


Mike Bickle

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