The Supreme Court could put an end to urban squalor by June

“The consequences of inaction are dire,” they say, citing: “crime, fires, the re-emergence of medieval diseases, environmental harm, and record levels of drug overdoses and deaths on public streets.”

(Betsy McCaughey) Tired of stepping over needles and human waste and navigating around half-conscious addicts and homeless encampments?

You’re not alone. Most decent, hardworking people want clean sidewalks for getting to work and walking their kids to school.

But cities are barred legally from cleaning up homeless encampments.

Activists went to court and won rulings guaranteeing the homeless almost unfettered freedom to set up tents and live in the rough, your health and safety be damned.

Here’s the good news. The US Supreme Court announced Friday it will rule on a case challenging this new normal of squalor, disease, and shouting schizophrenics invading our neighborhoods. View article →



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