‘Transing’ Yourself Is OK if You’re 18 or Older?

“Transgender ideology is a facet of political ideology disguised as a civil rights movement for a mental health struggle. In fact, President Joe Biden is treating transgenderism as a civil rights issue. That political ideology is a toxic mixture of radical freedom for all and cultural Marxism. That radical freedom is a way of justifying moral relativism — doing whatever you want because it seems right in your own eyes.” 

(Emmy Griffin – The Patriot Post) The transgender battle in the culture wars is a multifaceted debate: Is the ideology correct? Is it medically safe? When can it be implemented for people suffering from this gender confusion? Should this affect sports? Should this be taught to kids? Is it Marxism? Is it a social contagion? What is the best way to treat those who are suffering from it?

For the radical Left, all bets are off. Kids can “decide their gender” at any age and medical assistance should be provided to them regardless of parental caution or even common sense. For those in the middle, they merely draw the line at 18 with the caveat that children younger than that aren’t able to vote about these issues and have no say one way or another. For the conservative Right, we believe that there are only two sexes and that biology determines that. Gender is a made-up term from the 1950s to help construct the lie that is transgender ideology. Deciding to transition oneself into a different gender is not only a dangerous and destructive ideology, but it is simultaneously promoting and cheapening an actual mental disorder that is serious and rare. View article →


Transgenderism: Man Or Maker? Who Says Who You Are? — Stand to Reason University

Research: LGBTQ Agenda

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