Mayorkas Paid Chinese Communists to Come Illegally

(Mary Dowling) Former FBI agent, West Point graduate, and patriot David Baumblatt has an important message for Americans:

“Illegal Chinese migrants are the fastest growing group crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. I am a US Citizen and Military Veteran, and when I travel to America, I am Detained, Searched, Interrogated, Surveilled, Humiliated, Deceived, and Assaulted by my government.

“However, all of these illegal Chinese spies are allowed to enter FREELY.

“To all you Cuck Americans: these illegal Chinese invaders will steal your jobs, steal your information, steal your white men, steal your welfare benefits, steal your election, and steal your country, and then finally call you RACIST!!!!

“Our American Globalist Government has BETRAYED the PATRIOTS. View article →



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