The New World Order is Satanic

“Christianity, and it’s influence, is almost non-existent in our government today.  In fact, all the power of God’s people has been surrendered to the Luciferians.  The American government is tyrannical.  It operates at the behest of Satan and his minions. A coup has been underway since 1947 when the SCOTUS ruled Jesus un-Constitutional.”

(Coach Dave Daubenmire – News With Views) “What is the Old World Order and why do we want to replace it with a new one?”

What you are about to read will make perfect sense to some of you.  Others, not so much.

A worldview is…well…the way an individual views the world.  WHAT you believe shapes the way that you process information.  It is the filter through which you run every thought and every issue.

New Ager Oprah Winfrey calls it YOUR Truth…as if two opposing viewpoints could both be true at the same time.  Up cannot be down.  Left cannot be right.  Inside can never be outside.  Once you walk IN you are no longer OUT.  Once you are UP you are no longer DOWN. View article →



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