Democrats Are Not Going to Replace Biden as 2024 Candidate

“The problem with that narrative is that the attack is directed at Mr. Hur, not the substance of the 17 instances of hazy or faulty memory cited by Hur in his report.”

(Rick Moran – PJ Media) Democrats have closed ranks around Joe Biden following the devastating revelations about his memory and mental acuity in the Hur Report. With no pressure to withdraw and the mechanics of the primaries making it impossible for any other candidate to get on the ballot in most states. only Biden can withdraw from the race.

There is a mechanism outside the primary process that theoretically could lead to Biden being replaced. But it would take a revolt of the entire Democratic Party to make it happen.

Meanwhile, the narrative is set. Robert Hur is a partisan prosecutor. He was appointed by Trump. His thumb was on the scale, and his gratuitous statements about Biden’s memory were unnecessary.  View article →



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