Deadly Familiarity

“One of the great truths of the gospel is that God became man. God became one of us. But that’s not all to the story. He is also wholly other. If we lose sight of this truth, then we’ll turn Jesus into whatever shape we need him to be.”

(Mike Leake – Barrowed Light) If you read the gospel of Mark in one sitting you’d be shocked by what happens at the beginning of Mark 6.

Think of all that Jesus has accomplished up to this point. He has really become quite the celebrity….

Crowds are following him everywhere. He is healing the sick, preaching to packed crowds, and doing things which have never been done before. He’s calmed a storm, raised the dead, and even touched a leper. He cast out demons by the word of His mouth and healed a bleeding woman that nobody else could fix. He’s done so many marvelous things that everyone is beginning to wonder, “Who is this guy?” View article →


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