The Theory That Mail-in Voting Is Secure Just Died a Horrible Death

“something doesn’t quite smell right here. I’m not an expert, but if this was just related to a code issue, how is it possible for people who didn’t vote by mail and never even requested a ballot to show up as having been counted?”

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) Something screwy happened in the Nevada primary, and it utterly destroys the claim that the 2020 election was the most fair and secure in history.

Because of the COVID pandemic, a whopping 43% of the votes cast in the 2020 election were mail-in ballots….

Many governors unilaterally (and illegally) changed election laws to make this happen, and anyone who challenged the safety and security of mail-in voting was deemed a conspiracy theorist.

We’ve covered the problems of mail-in voting in the past, and it seems things haven’t improved. Now, Nevada residents are learning that they voted in the state primary  — even though they didn’t. View article →


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