The Ever-Increasing Seduction of False Teachers in Our Postmodern Fallen World

“This moral compromise does not merely lead individuals astray—it erodes the very foundations of the church, remaking it from a guardian of light and truth in a dark world into a mirror of the world’s own quagmire of sin and despair. The call to holiness, a defining mark of the Christian’s life, is overshadowed by a pursuit of personal happiness and cultural approval, betraying the gospel and the One who called us to follow Him, no matter the cost.”

(The Dissenter) In the verdant beauty of Eden, where humanity first walked with God, the serpent’s whisper, “Did God really say…?” marked the inception of humanity’s tragic fall. This ancient deception mirrors a modern crisis, as the world, and the vast majority of the professing Church, reels under the seduction of false teachers….

From prosperity gospel charlatanry to the woke church movement, from hypercharismaticism and the pursuit of signs and wonders to man-exalting cults, and those who pervert essential doctrines from the Trinity to the deity of Christ—the natural man’s endless pursuit is self-glorification, found in these deadly teachings. View article →


Research: Discernment


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