Poor White Trump Voters – Enemies of the State

Schaller and Waldman waste no time in the book identifying “rural” and “urban” as the defining major divide in this country, and painting a picture of paranoid, bitter, enraged, Trump-deluded, working class country music fans as existential Enemies of the State.

(Mark Tapson – Front Page) As this critical 2024 presidential election draws closer, the panicked left finds themselves without a candidate even remotely capable of defeating Donald Trump – an inexorable, MAGA juggernaut that the Democrat Party cannot seem to stop no matter how many trumped-up (pun intended) lawsuits and investigations they throw in his path to a second Presidency.

Democrats are saddled with an incumbent so obviously decrepit in body and mind that his supporters can no longer successfully gaslight even themselves into believing he’s a keen-witted dynamo. Their vice-presidential fallback option is a hopelessly incompetent and unpopular Woman of Color™ whose only skill is “failing up.” Long-rumored candidate California Governor Gavin Newsom craves the presidency like a vampire craves blood but is a white man, so he’s out. The Party’s not-so-secret weapon whom many felt sure was going to be the nominee, popular former First Lady Michelle Obama, reiterated this week that she is adamant about wanting nothing to do with political office. So the Democrats’ only hope as an election strategy (apart from widespread voter fraud, of course) is to demonize their opponents – those unwoke, white Deplorables of flyover country – as an existential threat to America and to the idea of democracy itself. View article →



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