Fani Willis Judge: Sure, There Was Lying, Conflict, ‘Odor of Mendacity,’ but Hey, It Could be Worse

“How does a DA who has so deeply compromised and shown herself to be unworthy of her office get the call on who is fired from the case? The judge had an “answer” to that too. Trump’s legal chances weren’t hurt by her treachery.” 

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) By now you’ve heard that Fani Willis has not been booted from what’s left of the RICO election case against President Trump and more than a dozen other defendants. If you haven’t then you’ll want to read Chris’s excellent piece about it. While PJ Media will report the fall out and next moves, there’s more to this 23 page decision than the conclusion. That’s what I’ll be covering in this piece.

The judge in the case delivered a split-the-baby decision telling the Fulton County, Ga., (Atlanta) District Attorney that she could fire her own office from the case or dump her very special prosecutor from litigating the case against Trump et. al. By the time you’re reading this she may have made a decision, but that’s not what we need to highlight here. View article →



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