The Gospel Coalition Publishes a False, Christless Gospel Using Only Taylor Swift Lyrics

(The Dissenter) In a bizarre modern trend, Evangelicals have taken a peculiar fascination with pop idols, Taylor Swift being the most recent glaring example. Whether it be Christianity Today’s assertion that Taylor Swift “brings Christians together,” churches finding pop stars like these more attractive than Jesus, or even the Museum of the Bible promoting her at their events, this bewildering obsession marks an extreme departure from the Church’s mission and calling.

Elevating such pop idols to a platform that rivals, in many cases, even Jesus Himself not only dilutes but perverts essence of Christianity but ventures into the extremely bizarre, attempting to marry the sacred with the profane in a union that seems more suited for tabloid sensationalism than theological reflection….

Such a trend reflects a curious change in priorities, where the pursuit of relevance leads to an embrace of cultural phenomena at the cost of obscuring the truth of Scripture. Yet, it’s funny, followers of The Gospel Coalition say that its blogs like The Dissenter are the problem. View article →


Research: Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’

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