Conspiracy TV – Here’s What’s Being Censored

“November 2016…Network chieftains went ballistic after Trump’s election. There has always been a collective mindset at the television networks, but now the ban was on; any pundit not despising Donald Trump need not apply.”

(Bill O’Reilly) It is true beyond a reasonable doubt that a few powerful social media companies, sometimes at the behest of the FBI, suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story.

That situation was finally exposed with troubling clarity. So, what else is being censored?

Well, how about traditional and conservative voices on network TV talk shows? This “conspiracy” dwarfs the Hunter masking.

There are three network morning programs and five late-night gabfests. When was the last time you saw a right-leaning person on any of them?

Fox News has many famous personalities who are smart and entertaining. No invites. View article →


Bill O’Reilly’s headline: Conspiracy TV


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