Logos Gone Woke: The Bible Software’s Heavy Emphasis On Liberal Material

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) A few weeks ago, it became evident that Logos Software, a widely used sermon preparation resource, was selling erotica on its website. Their website sells over 100000 books, so this was framed as an oversight between them and the publishers that they work with. Evidently, the response from Logos has been underwhelming in the last few weeks as Protestia did a recent follow-up that pointed out how many of the estimated 4000 erotic books have not actually been pulled from the site. However, there is a more glaring issue with Logos, and it is their heavy emphasis on books written by theological liberals.

The Current Thing

Currently, on Logos, they are emphasizing a campaign to preorder Jesus and The Power by NT Wright and Michael Bird. Wright is a theological liberal who pushed, as one of the initial signatories, the evil Biologos Statement that pushed Christians to get the Covid jab to “love your neighbor.” Biologos is an organization founded by Francis Collins, the man largely responsible for COVID-19 and the response, dedicated to theistic evolution and other liberal theologies. View article →



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