Jenny Weaver: Discerning her ‘ministry’

“In 2018 Jenny Weaver started an online mentoring group of about 50 people. She calls it CORE. By 2022 it exploded in popularity as ‘God’ broke out revival. The curriculum of this now vast training college of 14,000 adherents includes live lessons which are ‘Holy Spirit-led’ and on Mondays students learn “deliverance & spiritual warfare training”. 

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time) To begin with, who is Jenny Weaver? Weaver has 212,000 followers on Instagram, 167,000 on Facebook, 149,000 subscribers on Youtube. Her events sell out to masses. She became known as Jenny Weaver Worships because she is at root, a musician. She sings the scriptures.

She is said to have spiked a “massive Jesus movement.” But is this movement of Jesus? Let’s look into this ‘massive movement’ (that I never heard of till now).

Jenny Grew up on the Gulf coast of Florida in a family of 8 with a mother and father who Jenny said were excessively strict and punished at the slightest provocation. They also both used heroin, including when the mother was pregnant with Jenny. Jenny was born addicted. At age 13 her father abandoned the family and the remaining family became severely impoverished. View article →





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