The West’s Descent Into Madness

(Laura Hollis – Townhall) If it is possible to watch a society — an entire civilization — go insane, we are watching that phenomenon in real-time. Across all forms of media, the headlines bring fresh evidence daily.

Western civilization — that aggregation of cultural, political, social, and religious traditions that have formed the basis for European societies and those of their current and former colonies and territories — is committing suicide, using every weapon — philosophical, legal, political — at its disposal.

The fundamental principles of Western civilization are drawn from a variety of sources, including Judeo-Christianity, Greek philosophy, Roman government, and British legal theory. Among these principles are a belief in the existence of truth and the ability to discern it; the pursuit of scientific inquiry to elevate man’s understanding of himself and the world; the existence of the nation-state and the rights and duties of citizens; the rule of law and the importance of private property; the value of honesty and integrity; the need for punishment of crime and protection of the innocent, especially children; the primacy of family and the role of parents in the upbringing of children; and — at least in the United States — the balance of liberty and individual responsibility as a necessary precursor to limited government. View article →



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