Why the Transgender Craze Is Coming to an End

“Even the UK’s Labour Party said banning trans women from female sports protects the integrity and safety of the competition….”

(Matt Vespa – Townhall) Madeline touched upon this earlier this month when the United Kingdom issued a total ban on puberty blockers for minors. The National Health Service took a significant step in ending the “transanity” that’s engulfed the Western World. It became a liberal war cry, but what’s happening across the pond will inevitably be exported here. There’s something about minors undergoing genital mutilation surgeries and competing in sports where they didn’t belong that doesn’t sit well with most Americans….

Once again, the cultural bastions of the United States overplayed their hand. That’s the thing about echo chambers—the noise dissipates precipitously when most see through the nonsense. Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag have a new lengthy post on their Public Substack that exposed why the craze is ending. Yet, they warned, the most damaging aspects could take years to roll back.  View article →


Research:  LGBTQ+ Agenda for children

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