Fake Catholic Joe Biden Tried to Cancel Easter, but Jesus Won

“Easter is the holiest day of the year for Christians, and Biden choosing to wax on about a lunatic leftist agenda “holiday” instead is disgusting. That he chose Good Friday to do it shows that he isn’t really Catholic at all and that he doesn’t have any real people of faith in his inner circle. That was beyond tone-deaf. It was a display of contempt for Christians.” 

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media) There are just so many things to dislike about Joe Biden, the man and the president. And I mean intensely dislike. One of the more galling fictions that the Dem-friendly media likes to keep up is that Biden is a good Catholic and a man of deep faith. In the MSM telling of the story, President LOLEightyonemillion is halfway to canonization.

It’s a myth that they still try to perpetuate. Last week, our sister site Twitchy covered a story about a Democratic operative in Tennessee doing the “Joe’s a devout Catholic” thing. View article →



Joe Biden Declares Easter Sunday ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’


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