The Politics of Death

“These leftwing loons have power in New York, so it’s no bail, no responsibility, no protection for civilians or police. The streets simmer with criminality. Good people are brutalized every day.”

(Bill O’Reilly) St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Funeral mass. Hundreds of police inside. Thousands of others outside. All here to honor murdered New York City police officer Jonathan Diller and his grieving family.

The 31-year-old was shot to death by a career criminal who was allowed by politicians and judges to roam the nation’s largest city armed and dangerous….

The system knew 34-year-old Guy Rivera was a career criminal, a man with no conscience. He had already served two prison terms, one for drug activity and the other for assault.

Of course, the miscreant Rivera decided to re-offend, leaving a one-year-old boy without a father and a 29-year-old wife without a husband. View article →



Stephanie Diller’s Heartbreaking Eulogy



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