Matt Walsh Attacks Wokeness On The Right

“The point Walsh is making is actually more potent than he went into, as this same wokeness is also in the church. Many pastors refused to go woke for Black people but have happily gone woke for Jews. Christian media like Conservative Inc. heavily panders to this religion. The Christian Post is one prominent example. This has been the case ever since Zionists financed the proliferation of theology that suits their interests.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Matt Walsh is one of the most prominent voices in Conservative Inc. as he is among the Big 4 at the Daily Wire. Last Friday, Walsh took a stand that appears out of line with others at the Daily Wire but certainly consistent with his stated principles of free speech when he “canceled” Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his executive order combating “antisemitic rhetoric” on college campuses. This occurred after Candace Owens was fired from Daily Wire.

Matt Walsh reads the statement by Governor Abbott and highlights Abbott’s call for the creation of “safe spaces” on college campuses. Walsh points out that Republicans have been railing against “safe spaces” in universities for the past ten years. Indeed, Ben Shapiro became the number one podcaster in Conservative Inc. by debating college students and challenging these safe spaces. View article →


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