Hamas Just Begged Israel to Finish It Off

“If they’re bold enough to chant “Death to America!” without repercussion in America’s Midwest, just as they have always done in the Mideast, then Israel must now think and act as though America’s support were always in question. Because thanks to Biden, it is.”

(Stephen Green – PJ Media) Two weeks ago I had the sad duty to inform you that most, if not all, of the hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7 were probably dead. Now, Hamas has confirmed it.

“Today I received a detailed report on the talks in Cairo, we are constantly working to achieve our goals, first and foremost the release of all our hostages and achieving a complete victory over Hamas,” Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said on Monday.

He added, “This victory requires entry into Rafah and the elimination of the terrorist battalions there. It will happen — there is a date.” View article →



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