Mark Driscoll Kicked Off Stage for Calling Out Male Stripper Dancing on a Pole at Men’s Conference

“During the conference, there was a performer dancing on a stripper pole and taking his shirt off. From the stage, [Driscoll] expressed his disdain directly during his speaking slot, which led to an interruption by Pastor John Lindell, the host of the conference…”

(The Dissenter) Let me start with a disclaimer that I do not support or endorse Mark Driscoll in any way. Driscoll was once a prominent figure in the infamous “young, restless, and Reformed” community, known for his edgy, aggressive sermons and punk-inspired worship services.

However, his penchant for inappropriate language and disturbing behavior ultimately led to his downfall….

In 2014, Driscoll was embroiled in a scandal involving emotional and spiritual abuse of his followers, plagiarism, and financial misconduct, ultimately causing his empire to crumble, and he was forced to step down.  View article →



Mark Driscoll

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