The Founding Fathers’ Fears Are Coming True, and the Damage Is Intentional

“America is under attack from within, so please inform your “I can’t be bothered” friends and family that it’s long past time to start paying attention. This is not a drill.” 

(Kevin Downey JR – PJ Media) The Founding Fathers, in all their prescience, wrote the Constitution to protect We the People from the very onslaughts we are seeing today, some two-and-a-half centuries later.

Donald Trump represents a clear and present danger to the pinko-Americans who have infiltrated every institution in the United States, and we can all see how the Constitution somehow doesn’t protect this one man. And if you are daft enough to think the chaos will stop once he is jailed or killed, I’d like to sell you my invisible unicorn Dottie who will paint your house for free.

Need more evidence that our nation is on life support?

Our replacements are being invited to cascade over the southern border by politicians who were elected to protect us from such an onslaught. Criminals, many of whom aren’t even citizens (yet), operate with impunity within our borders. Fentanyl, created by China and sent to the Mexican drug cartels for assembly and distribution, floods over our phantom southern border and kills roughly 80,000 Americans annually while enriching the Chinese and Mexican drug lords, yet nothing changes. Have you wondered why? View article →


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