Two Big Changes in America

“The rot spread into the Democrat Party. They threw moderation out the window. Democrat politicians competed with the colleges to see who could go farthest Left in the least amount of time. The sane, decent, normal Democrats, one by one, disappeared from center stage. In their place we’ve got Soros-funded radicals.”

(Lee Duigon – News With Views) What have been the biggest changes in America during my adult life?

For much of that time, I was either a news reporter or a writer of fantasy novels. Go ahead—say “What’s the difference?” And I reply, “That’s too unfair to fantasy novelists.”

Most of the towns covered by the old Bayshore Independent were run by Democrats: it was a largely Democrat county. So most of the people I worked with day by day were Democrats.

It didn’t seem to matter much. Almost all these public figures, minus a few bad apples who wound up in jail, were ordinary, decent, reasonably amiable individuals who tried to do their best for the people who elected them. View article →



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