Pelagian Pope Francis Says People Are ‘All Fundamentally Good’ +’The Heart Itself is Good’

Francis insists that “people are fundamentally good” and that while there are some rogues and sinners, “the heart itself is good.” 

(Protestia) Pope Francis continues to let little bits of the antichrist spirit he has inside of him shine through, sharing a host of unbiblical and unorthodox teachings during a rare interview with 60 Minutes, including claiming that human beings are fundamentally good and criticizing American bishops concerned about his progressive shift as “suicidal.”

While there is no such thing as a ‘good’ pope, since they are the head of an evil and wicked heterodox church, Francis has been particularly noxious and vexatious, doing things like affirming the faith of Joe Biden and saying he would never refuse him communion because the President’s love for abortion is between him and God, endorsing civil unions for gay couples, appointing multiple pro-choice people to his pro-life organization, asking pagans to send him ‘good vibes,’ appointing a notorious pro-LGBTQ priest to a major post, and releasing an outrageously blasphemous statement.  View article →


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