Hate Crime Charges Dropped Against ‘Satan Statue Destroyer’ Michael Cassidy plus Avoids Jail Time

“The display drew the ire of many Christians, who lamented the blasphemy of placing an idol in the capitol as a sign of the impending judgment of God upon the nation. Some conservative Republicans, while lamenting the statue as blasphemous, defended the existence of the display on the grounds of constitutional freedom of religious expression.”

(Protestia) Hate crime charges have been dropped against Michael Cassidy, the Christian nationalist hero, after he agreed to plead guilty to beheading and destroying a Baphomet statue set up by the Satanic Temple at the Iowa Capitol last December….

Under this agreement, Cassidy will receive a $855 fine, two years of probation, and undisclosed determination costs.

If he had been convicted of the hate crime, he was facing up to two years in prison and a $8,540 fine. According to the Republic Sentinel… View article →


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