Will the Real Extremist Please Stand Up

(Bill O’Reilly) It is apparent that the corporate media and the Democratic Party are working together to defeat Donald Trump any way possible.

You’ll notice I didn’t say they’ve partnered to reelect President Biden. Most media and democrats understand he is a terrible leader, but, as usual, they put their loathing for Trump ahead of what’s best for the country.

The Biden campaign theme is simple: Trump is an extremist, a threat to democracy.  Rinse and repeat. Over and over.

But exactly who is the true extremist in this race? Let’s examine four campaign issues.

Biden’s open border policy has delivered massive pain to the USA.  To service at least ten million foreign nationals, who need help, our country will eventually have to spend close to a trillion dollars.  Right now, border states and large cities like New York are in dire financial trouble because of the failure to enforce immigration law.  And the migrants continue to arrive – about seven thousand per day. View article →



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