Only One Election Issue Now: ‘Will American People Stand for Becoming a Banana Republic?’

“Democrats have been taken over by the violent left. These bad actors have brought you the rivers of humanity over the Southern Border, less security, higher taxes, a dollar that’s not worth a damn, no-limits abortion, ballots mailed out to nobody and everybody, fewer police, groomer teachers, and indulgences of vices never before seen in America. Christ is mocked. Jews are afraid. We pay terrorists to plot against us.” 

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) What did the Democrats just do to America?

In the sham trial, the activist judge, according to a lawyer in the courtroom, covered his mouth to mask his laugh during the reading of the verdict. The smiling Biden DOJ prosecutor who parachuted into New York to get Trump on the bizarre Letitia James victimless value-inflation case with the AG’s office then hopped over to Manhattan to prosecute Trump based on the plot of a book written by a disgruntled DA who quit and then was rehired to help manage the case: a district attorney, who, like the attorney general, got funded by Soros and then vowed they would get Trump by any means necessary.

Donald Trump is the most investigated person in public life, and they have to make up stuff about him to prosecute him.

This Manhattan trial was astonishing. They reanimated dead non-crimes, hid witnesses, hid the crime, put on a witness they knew would lie, and got a judge to be the prosecution’s plus-one at this party that featured a sexy porno extortionist. View article →



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