Christians across the country mobilize to confront ‘pride month’

‘Pride’ is a judgment from God and a satanic assault upon people made in the image of God. Almost all of these events directly target children as well. We as a church feel a duty to resist this evil with corporate evangelism.”

(Ben Ziesloft – The Sentinel) Christians across the nation are mounting evangelistic and activist efforts to confront the cultural and political encroachment of “pride month” in their communities.

The annual commemoration of homosexuality and transgenderism has been increasingly recognized by American institutions, from government agencies and large corporations to media outlets and elite universities….

Yet local groups of Christians have increasingly been advocating against promotion of sexual degeneracy and instead sharing the gospel while promoting biblical sexual ethics, as many such Christians described via interviews with The Sentinel. View article →



Is the ‘Christian Right’ doing the right thing in God’s eyes? by Marsha West

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