There’s Nothing Loving About Dolly Parton’s False Gospel

(Ericka Andersen – The Federalist) Fifty years after her original rise to stardom, Dolly Parton has released her highest-charting album and is more beloved than ever before. Initially known for her songwriting skills and beauty, Parton has entered her golden years as a “secular American saint.”

In a world where division is the default, she collects fans of every political stripe, refusing to denigrate anyone, and regularly proclaims, “I love everybody,” when asked how she does it.

This response is usually seen as a nod toward the LGBT alliance during interviews with media folks forever fixated on this particular group.

Like other universally adored figures such as “The Rock” and the late Betty White, Parton is a beloved icon who generally steers clear of controversy. She would never, for example, speak negatively of those who disagree with her on LBGT acceptance. View article →


Does the Bible actually teach that we’re not to judge others? by Marsha West


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