Transgender Nashville Christian School Shooter Wanted to Return Home and Kill Her Dad After Massacre

(Breitbart) Audrey Hale, the 28-year-old woman who believed she was a man and shot and killed six at a Nashville Christian school on March 27, 2023, wanted to return home after the attack and kill her father.

On Friday, Brian Wilson of 99.7 WTN afternoon radio released portions of an interview between Metro Nashville Police Department investigators and Hale’s parents, and the Tennessee Star published the transcript.

In the interview, police asked Hale’s father and mother if they were aware that Hale was fixated on transitioning and asked if she ever expressed homicidal tendencies.

Her father, Ronald, said, “None of her therapists ever felt that they had, like, a duty to warn anybody.”

The police investigator then noted that Hale was consumed with the Columbine tapes. View article →



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