Andy Stanley, Referring to Himself as ‘Theologically Conservative,’ Defends Rick Warren Against the SBC

“Trying to make it sound like the only reason Rick Warren ordained women to the pastorate was for “tax benefits,” he then goes on to start his diatribe against Southern Baptists and defense of Warren…”

(The Dissenter) As we’ve reported here at The Dissenter many times over the years, Andy Stanley, the liberal, LGBTQ-affirming, Scripture-twisting false pastor extraordinaire, has once again proven that theological acrobatics and doctrinal contortionism are alive and well in modern evangelicalism.

With his church’s open embrace of homosexual members and his unabashed promotion of “gay Christianity,” Stanley has established himself as the poster child for everything wrong with the seeker-sensitive Evangelical movement. Under the guise of being culturally relevant, he has tossed the Scriptures into the wind, offering instead a false gospel that is more palatable to progressives, unrepentant practicing homosexuals, and feminists, than to anyone who takes Christianity seriously. View article →


Research: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Market Driven

CRN has compiled a list of false teachers and several other professing Christians we’ve warned you about over the years. The list also contains those we must keep an eye on plus movements, organizations and “frauds, phonies and money-grubbing religious quacks” to mark and avoid as per Romans 16:17-18


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