Conservative Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Excommunicated by Vatican for Schism and Defiance

“The tensions between Viganò and Pope Francis escalated in August 2018 when [conservative] Viganò accused the Pope of ignoring allegations of sexual abuse against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. In an 11-page letter, Viganò claimed that he had informed the Pope about the allegations in 2013, but the Pope allegedly allowed McCarrick to continue serving publicly….Pope Francis has coddled those that abuse children and women. The archbishop wasn’t having any of it.

(Whatfinger) The Red Pope does not want anyone in the Catholic Church who is pro-Christian and tradition. He has made deals with Communist China to pick his Cardinals and Bishops, and he has made a complete fool of himself backing all woke agendas world-wide….

Is anyone surprised by him making this move against an archbishop who has the best interests of his flock at heart?

A prominent conservative archbishop and vocal critic of Pope Francis, Carlo Maria Viganò, has been excommunicated by the Vatican. Viganò, who previously served as the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States, was found guilty of schism by the Vatican’s doctrinal office after a recent meeting. View article →


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