Cut to the chase: Four reasons to avoid Lori Alexander of godlywomanhood

Yes, Lori Alexander is a heretic. Here’s why.

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time) Today I look at 4 reasons not to follow Lori Alexander, half of the duo behind godlywomanhood/ The Transformed Wife.

1. Lori Disbelieves in Original Sin

In a post now scrubbed but saved in the Internet Archive (see link ‘Source’), Lori wrote in 2016: “Your children are born in the flesh. It’s not sinful yet since they haven’t sinned, just as Adam’s flesh wasn’t sinful before he sinned“. (Source on the site).

In another example, in 2022 or 2023 The Transformed Wife replied to a woman asking Lori directly about original sin. Her reply was completely unbiblical. (Source)

Disbelieving in Original Sin is heresy. If you want to know more about the denial of Original Sin and its originator, Pelagius, and why it’s a heresy, listen to this sermon “A Survey of Heresies- Pelagianism” by Phil Johnson. View article →


CRN has compiled a list of false teachers and several other professing Christians we’ve warned you about over the years. The list also contains those we must keep an eye on plus movements, organizations and “frauds, phonies and money-grubbing religious quacks” to mark and avoid as per Romans 16:17-18


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