If Satan himself wrote biblically sound worship music, would you sing it in church?

“If the most evil being in existence can deceive with the appearance of goodness, how much more can his followers—these so-called worship leaders—seduce with their seemingly sound music? The snare of emotional highs and the superficial appeal of contemporary worship songs mask the underlying spiritual poison and false teachings of their creators.”

(The Dissenter) I recall attending worship services where the worship leader and band members spent more time interacting with the crowd and showcasing their vocal range and guitar riffs than pointing us to the true object of Christian worship—Jesus Christ. It’s been a while, but it always had me thinking about how the line between a secular concert and a worship service has become perilously blurred in modern Evangelicalism.

In this glittering arena of contemporary “worship,” I find myself increasingly disheartened by what I see. Smoke machines and light shows eclipse the pulpit making me question the true focus of this industry. Is it genuinely about honoring and glorifying God, or is it more about promoting the artists themselves? View article →


CRN has compiled a list of false teachers and several other professing Christians we’ve warned you about over the years. The list also contains those we must keep an eye on plus movements, organizations and “frauds, phonies and money-grubbing religious quacks” to mark and avoid as per Romans 16:17-18 


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