MSNBC: Jesus Would Be a Groomer- DeSantis Is Like Russian Rapists

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) MSNBC has really gone off the rails. MSNBC analyst Matthew Dowd claimed Wednesday that if Jesus Christ were still on the Earth today, he would be called a “groomer,” “woke,” and a “socialist.” “This is … Continue reading 

Durham: Five Hillary Clinton Associates Are Taking the Fifth in Russia Hoax Prosecution

“[Durham] is now moving to give immunity to a key witness while revealing that the claims made by the Clinton campaign were viewed by the CIA as “not technically plausible” and “user created.” He also revealed that at least five … Continue reading 

Durham evidence creates timeline of relentless Democrat effort to sell Russia collusion hoax

“In his latest court filings, Durham repeatedly called Sussmann’s comments a “lie” that had consequences, concealing from the FBI that the origins of the Trump dirt came from his rival’s campaign, Hillary Clinton.” (John Solomon – Just the News) As … Continue reading 

Victoria Newland: Ukraine Has ‘Biological Research Facilities,’ Worried Russia May Seize Them

(Glenn Greenwald) Self-anointed “fact-checkers” in the U.S. corporate press have spent two weeks mocking as  disinformation  and a false conspiracy theory the claim that Ukraine has biological weapons labs, either alone or with U.S. support. They never presented any evidence for their ruling — how … Continue reading 

As Russia Wages War, US Army Trains Officers on Gender Identity

“All Army personnel, from soldiers to commanders and supervisors, are required to participate in the training by Sept. 30, 2022, according to the spokesman.” (Adam Kredo – Washington Free Beacon) While Russia wages a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. Army … Continue reading 

A Reminder, No Charismatic Prophets Prophecied Russia Invading Ukraine in February

(Protestia) Hopefully it does not need to be said but this is just a friendly reminder that like the COVID-19 virus two years prior, there was not a single charismatic prophet who prophesied last year that Russia would be Invading … Continue reading 

Biden and EU Refuse to Do This One Thing That Would Nearly Destroy the Russian Economy

(Rick Moran – PJ Media) The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a global network for payments between banks. International trade and finance would be next to impossible without it. Indeed, cutting off a country from the SWIFT … Continue reading 

Biden’s moment of infamy: hollow pledges on the eve of Russia’s attack on Ukraine

(John Solomon – Just the News) Each American president is judged by his command in moments of crisis. For Lincoln, it was  the address at Gettysburg. Roosevelt made his mark after Pearl Harbor. Kennedy endured the Cuban missile crisis. And … Continue reading 

Former Trump Official to Schiff: ‘Your Credibility’ Is Diminished — You Spread Russian Disinformation

“You have spread Russian disinformation yourself for years by promoting this. I think that’s what Republicans and people who entrusted you as the Intel Committee chair are so confused about your culpability in all this.” (Pam Key – Breitbart) Former … Continue reading 

It Gets Worse: Look Who Worked Together to Frame Donald Trump With Fake Russia Hoax

“Stories of Soros’s meddling in elections around the world are legion. When he’s not tanking  markets or creating fake revolutions, he and his minions are opening borders, destroying reputations, and making the world safer for assisted suicide, hard drugs, and released inmates … Continue reading 

Latest Durham Indictment May Make Russiagate the Most Corrupt Scandal in U.S. History

“These players were all in on the hoax. They were all on the same side. They were all willing to use their sensitive positions of power to exact political damage because they didn’t like Trump and his voters.” (Victoria Taft … Continue reading 

Confused Joe Biden Takes out Notes to Answer Question on Russia

(Robert Kraychik – Breitbart)  President Joe Biden took notes out of his jacket when asked about “the most recent hack by the Russians” during an ostensibly unscripted visit to a farmer’s market on Saturday in Central Lake, MI. A woman, … Continue reading 

This Russiagate FBI Analyst Couldn’t Verify Anything In The Steele Dossier Yet Said Nothing For Years

As for Steele’s reliability as an FBI informant, the analyst merely “speculated” that his prior reporting was sound and did not see a need to “dig into” his handler’s case file, which showed that past tips from Steele had gone … Continue reading 

Declassified! The Russia informant transcript the FBI didn’t want Americans to see

“Page did not give the tangible evidence of collusion during the October meeting and denied campaign involvement with Russia, yet still the bureau proceeded to conduct an investigation that stretched for nearly three years before coming to the conclusion there … Continue reading 

Lindsey Graham Releases Transcripts from Russia Probe, FISA Abuse Investigation

“The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes….” (Katie Pavlich – Townhall)  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman … Continue reading 

New Peter Strzok Texts Undermine Official Narrative on Start of ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation

“Critics of the FBI have long suspected that the investigations began earlier. The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS in April 2016 to investigate Trump’s supposed Russia ties.” (Joel Pollack – Breitbart) Newly-released … Continue reading 

Devin Nunes Calls For Special Counsel To Take Over Probe Of Russia Investigation Over ‘Growing Concern’ Biden May Shut It Down

(Tim Pearce – Daily Wire)  Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said that Attorney General William Barr should appoint a special counsel to investigate the origins of the Russian collusion conspiracy to protect an ongoing probe from a potential Biden administration. Nunes, the … Continue reading 

Not Satire: Russian Group Hacks Kenneth Copeland -Demands Ransom or Will Release 1.2tb of ‘Sensitive’ Information

(Protestia)  In a story that is stranger than fiction, the Russian hacking group REvil announced that they’ve successfully hacked into Kenneth Copeland Ministries and have stolen 1.2 terabytes of “sensitive data.” As a result, they are threatening to release it … Continue reading 

Terrifying: Russia and Iran Accessed U.S. Voter Rolls. Here’s What They’re Doing With Them

“It is truly terrifying that Iran and Russia have accessed America’s voter registration records, but this does not necessarily give Americans reasons to fear that Iran or Russia will be able to tamper with the election results.” (Tyler O’Neil – … Continue reading 

Director of National Intelligence says Hunter Biden laptop, emails ‘not part of some Russian disinformation campaign’

“It’s funny that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence,” Ratcliffe said. “Unfortunately, it is Adam Schiff who said the intelligence community believes the Hunter Biden laptop and emails … Continue reading 

Hillary Clinton — not Trump — colluded with Russians in effort to win 2016 election

“Clinton actually did what she accused Trump of doing: She colluded with Russians (through yet another foreigner she recruited to meddle in the 2016 presidential campaign: the ludicrous former British spy Christopher Steele) in order to damage Trump’s campaign and … Continue reading 

Bombshell Allegation: Hillary Orchestrated Collusion Hoax to Distract From Her Emails, According to Russian Intel

[H]andwritten notes from former CIA director John Brennan show that Brennan “briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials” about the intelligence, including the “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of … Continue reading