Haters Hosting After School Satan Clubs Say They Aren’t About Satan. Don’t You Believe It.

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) The devil’s making headlines again by coming to your kids’ schools in 2024. It’s nothing new, of course. We know the spirt of darkness never went anywhere. The inspired Word of God speaks of Satan. Hollywood … Continue reading 

‘March for Israel’ Breaks Record; Largest Pro-Israel Rally in U.S. History

“Left-wing CNN analyst Van Jones — once an icon on the same “progressive” left that now opposes Israel — spoke, as did conservative pastor [heretic] John Hagee.” (Joel B. Pollack – Breitbart) Tuesday’s “March for Israel” on the National Mall … Continue reading 

American Oligarchy: Meet the Billionaire Mega-Donors Behind the Biden Presidency

“Jeffrey Katzenberg filled up the Biden campaign with millions of dollars upon Kamala’s joining the ticket, and then the entertainment mogul minted a deal with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping to create a Chinese Hollywood. Synergy or quid pro … Continue reading 

TGC Compares Pro-LGBTQ Pop Star to the Revealing of Jesus in His Eternal Glory to His Followers

(The Dissenter) There’s a bewildering trend overtaking certain corners of Evangelicalism, and it’s impossible to ignore the glaring departure from orthodoxy when publications like The Gospel Coalition keep putting secular pop culture on a pedestal. After an inconceivable attempt to extract spiritual … Continue reading 

Biden Suggests He Will Mandate a COVID Booster for All Americans This Fall

The Democratic Party is again fear-mongering Americans into thinking the virus is a threat. … Hollywood studio, Lionsgate, and several universities have already announced their plans to mandate masks for all.  (Sarah Arnold – Townhall) Here we go again— the Biden … Continue reading 

Christians Have A Choice To Make: Paul Of Tarsus Or Taurus The Bull. Which Will It Be?

By Marsha West Profanity, pornography, programs laced with filth in movies and on cable assail us non-stop. Most people are offended by Hollywood’s obsession with polluting the culture. It is no secret that beginning with the tumultuous 1960s, Americans have … Continue reading 

TGC Says Barbie Movie Matters Because 10 Percent of Women Leave Church Over Misogyny

“People may stop professing to be Christians, and people may stop going to a building they call “church.” But people don’t depart the faith because of interpersonal disputes or perceived societal wrongs. Rather they leave these institutions because they were … Continue reading 

‘The Chosen’ Sets Former DreamWorks Exec Mark Sourian As President Of Production, Will Serve As Foundation For Bible-Based Entertainment Universe

“Right away, I could tell that there was a real emotional connection that Dallas [Jenkins] had to the material. And the more that I got to know Dallas and the more that he talked rather secularly, frankly, about the show, … Continue reading 

Is Netflix Going To Make Chronicles of Narnia Woke?

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) With the recent fallout from the horrendous Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings series, The Rings of Power, the thematically not far off Chronicles of Narnia adaptations may be the next franchise to be destroyed by Hollywood’s … Continue reading 

Long-Distance Ministry: Pastors Buy Second Homes and Start Churches Hundreds of Miles from Their Base

“Can a pastor effectively make disciples while living hundreds of miles from his congregation?” (Barry Bowen – Trinity Foundation) Oct. 31 was the day Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on the Wittenberg Church door—October 31, 1517—which began the reformation, also … Continue reading 

Alfred Kinsey — A Pioneer Of Perversion Who Paved The Way For Today’s Sex ‘Education’

Dr. Judith Reisman declared that if the general public learned the actual truth about Kinsey, “the sexperts in the field of human sexuality and the sex industry will be shaken to its foundations,” and entire shelves of books in libraries … Continue reading 

‘Uncle Tom II’ uses neglected cell phone video to expose violent side of BLM media ignored

“It’s a great time to be a filmmaker who wants to work outside of Hollywood,” he says, citing emerging platforms like SalemNOW, which is distributing his film, along with features from The Daily Wire and, most recently, Breitbart News via … Continue reading 

‘Wokest Place on Earth’ Disneyland Cuts Walt Disney’s Speech From Its Anniversary Celebration

“Walt Disney was a proud American and something of a conservative who would have hated what his company has become. He testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947, where he warned of communists taking control of Hollywood.” (Mitch … Continue reading 

George Soros Picks the Future Governor of Georgia?

“These donors are far-left globalists. They don’t have our best interests at heart, just their own. They are fortune seekers.” (Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) George Soros, who has singlehandedly ruined our Justice system with his buying of elections for … Continue reading