A Reformation The Church Doesn’t Need: Answering Revisionist Pro-gay Theology

In the current issue of Solid Ground, Christian apologists Greg Koukl and Alan Shlemon reason through the scriptures–in context, without changing the meaning of words–to show people the Bible’s clear teaching on homosexuality. But first, it’s important to read Greg’s introduction:

Queen James  BibleSometimes the best remedy for a moral/theological controversy is simply a good old-fashioned, down to earth, nothing buttery, search-the-Scriptures-to-see-if-it’s-so, Bible study. No fancy footwork necessary. Just cut right to the chase, let the Word speak for itself, then be faithful to it. That’s all.

Of course, because of ambiguities in the text, not every challenging, contentious biblical dispute can be settled this easily. Frequently, though, a careful, close, honest look at the Scripture is all that’s required to resolve what might seem at first to be a difficult dispute.

That’s the approach Alan Shlemon and I take to respond to one of the most severe challenges to Christian orthodoxy the church faces today. The question: What does God really think about homosexuality? Could it be that the church has simply gotten it all wrong for 2,000 years?

A dedicated group of homosexuals and “gay-friendly” churchgoers think so, and they are campaigning relentlessly to change your mind. They have certified theologians on their team, they’re tactically clever, and they’re aggressively training their own ambassadors to send out to reform the church.

When—not “if,” but “when”—you encounter this teaching, you’ll need biblically sound answers. That’s what we give you in this month’s Solid Ground. The article is titled, “A Reformation the Church Doesn’t Need—Answering Revisionist Pro-Gay Theology.” Since the material we need to cover is extensive, this will be a two-part series.

Read carefully. There’s a lot riding on this issue, for individual lives and for the integrity of the church today. …

Now listen as Koukl and Shlemon speak authoritatively on what the Bible says about homosexuality without twisting verses into a theological pretzel the way progressives do. Scroll down to page 3 View article →