Georgia ACLU Leader Quits Over Young Daughters’ Encounter With Men in Women’s Restroom

According to Christian News Network:

TransgenderThe head of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has resigned from her position over her disagreement on transgender restroom use following an experience where her own young daughters became frightened in encountering three large men in the women’s restroom.

Maya Dillard Smith says that she realized that her values were different from those of the ACLU, which has backed the Obama administration’s controversial transgender restroom mandate for schools and has expressed opposition against North Carolina’s restroom law.

“It became very evident to me that the ACLU and myself were simply principally and philosophically unaligned on a number of issues,” she told Fox’s Megyn Kelly this week. “And I found myself and at the crux of the transgender rights and transgender restroom controversy.”

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