Shedding light on the diabolical NAR empire

From Berean Research:

To fully understand the New Apostolic Reformation and  the reasons it is a dangerous movement, we are posting an article written a few years ago by Herescope (Discernment Research Group) that covers all the bases. Bible believing Christians must take this seriously. Moreover, they must understand the inner workings of this movement for the reason that, “You will recognize them by their fruit.” (Mat. 7:16)

After reading this article, if you find yourself involved in this movement in any way shape or form, you must break free from it — now!  No dilly-dallying.  For some of you, breaking free will be difficult for all sorts of reasons; however, you have no choice because to choose heresy over Truth always results in spiritual darkness.

We urge our readers to send Sarah Leslie’s blog post to everyone you know.

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