Teach us to pray: “Grab some masking tape, make a circle…”

Berean Research reveals that the latest fad known as “circle making” is a decidedly anti-biblical practice that true believers should not participate in.  These days many high-profile Bible study teachers, writers, and speakers lack spiritual discernment; thus, they have no clue that they’re promoting a practice that actually stems from witchcraft! Sadly, those who listen to them, who trust them, don’t realize that they’re being led astray.

I received a question today from a woman taking Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon Bible Study. One thing Gideon did NOT do was pray by drawing a circle around himself and demanding that the Lord do something in the circle. No, that example came from a scenario Shirer shared outside of Scripture (“extra-Biblical”) as an example, which she herself demonstrated by standing in a circle. She then instructs women to do the same, using masking tape or even a circle of their children’s toys:

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