Why I Am Not Continuationist

In the last installment of his series,  blogger, author and pastor Tim Challies examines a movement known as continuationism or “charismania” as Bible teacher John MacArthur has dubbed it.   Whatever you call this movement, one thing is for sure.  It is  “a fast-growing movement with disastrous implications.” 

The charismatic movement is known for its acceptance of miraculous sign gifts a.k.a. “signs and wonders.” Charismatics believe that the sign gifts are still in operation today.  Moreover, the spiritual gifts described in 1 Corinthians 12–14 are said to be theevidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. According to Challies, “The miraculous gifts I see and hear in the charismatic movement have only the barest resemblance to the New Testament gifts.”

Now listen to Tim explain why he believes the Holy Spirit does not dispense the miraculous gifts today….

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