“52 Congressmen made decisions for Christ” – Rodney Howard Browne

Berean Research explains why we must be skeptical of any claim made by the man who is known as the “Holy Ghost Bartender”:

There are 435 members of our U.S. Congress. Apparently 52 of them said the sinner’s prayer with (NAR) New Apostolic Reformation pastor Rodney Howard Brown during the recent Celebrate America 2016 event in Washington, D.C. If you’re a numbers person, that’s roughly 12 percent of our U.S. Representatives who are reportedly “baby Christians.”

“We visited every office of the House & Senate and were able to pray the prayer of salvation with 633 at the Hill. We had 52 Congressman and 4 Senators that said the prayer of salvation with us,” says Browne, calling the event a “Great Spiritual Awakening.”

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