“Very clear signs of trouble” at Trinity Broadcasting Network as revenue shrinks, attractions close

According to Teri Sforza of The Orange County Register, TBN “was built on the ‘Have a need? Plant a seed’ philosophy, or what critics call ‘the prosperity gospel.’  The idea is that if you give money to God, God will send riches back to you.  Trinity’s tax filings suggest the seed hasn’t been sprouting as it once did.”

Trinity Broadcasting Archagel MichaelIt has inspired awe in the God-fearing, and in those who mock them.

The elaborate campus of Trinity Christian City International in Costa Mesa – home of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s studios – has been likened to a mashup of a Disneyland castle, the White House and a wedding cake.

Visitors are free to wander the opulent grounds, marvel at historic Bibles, have their pictures taken with the giant archangel Michael, and get what no other attraction in Orange County can give: “A creepy adventure AND salvation!” one fan recently enthused online.

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