Ask Not for Whom the Volcano Erupts; It Erupts for Thee: A Response to David Gushee

Albert Mohler, president of Baptist Theological Seminary responds to David Gushee, a “progressive evangelical” who penned a piece for Religion News Service arguing that the “middleground” is disappearing on LGBT rights.  Recently we posted Professor Denny Burk’s response entitled “The Disappearing ‘Middleground’ and the Coming Conflict” which you will find here.  Not surprisingly, Gushee’s article caused quite a stir in the evangelical community.  Shortly thereafter Gushee took on his critics, Dr. Mohler being one of the most prominent.  In the blog post he wrote he reveals the following:

Volcano lavaWhen those on the receiving end of Gushee’s stern advice complained about both the tone and the substance of his essay, he responded with a second essay in which he offered this analogy: “I was saying: ‘Watch out, I notice that volcano over there is smoking ominously, and if it erupts, hot molten lava will wash over you.’ I was not saying: ‘I hope that the volcano erupts, and hot molten lava washes over you.'”

He was merely describing and predicting, he insisted, not at all prescribing what should happen. But there is a big problem with that defense. The language and framing that he deploys in both of his articles (and in his recent book projects as well) clearly imply that conservative Christians are a menace to the cause he champions. He has described evangelical Christians as the last major hold-outs on the road to full LGBT equality, and he claims to be a full convert to the LGBT cause. (emphasis added)

Later in the article Dr. Mohler declares: “Professor Gushee’s warning has been both delivered and received. His words clarify where we stand, and I agree that the earth is shaking under our feet.”

We urge you to read Dr. Mohler’s piece in its entirety and then share it far and wide.

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