Chilean Feminists Amplify Heartbeat of Their Unborn Children in Pro-Life March of Pregnant Women

Christian News Network has the report and the must watch video:


Members of a Chilean feminist group recently amplified the heartbeat of their unborn children in a pro-life march in the nation’s capital.

The women were a part of the group Reivindica, which decided to utilize the International Day of Non-Violence as an opportunity to be a voice for the unborn. It organized the march as part of its La Voz Del Corazon project, or Voice of the Heart.

“We cannot consider the idea of naturalizing abortion as ‘progress,’” said President Rosario Vidal in a statement. “Women are moved by love, because we love a child—and not just a thing—from the womb, and we love women who have gone through pregnancies in highly adverse situations.”

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