Without Apology: 7 Reasons Not to Be Ashamed of the Hard Parts of the Gospel

Sadly, many who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ fail to stand up for Him.  When it comes to standing up for what they believe in, they cannot find the words to defend their faith.  For example, when the subject of homosexuality comes up in conversation, many professing Christians are reluctant to share what the Bible teaches on the sin of homosexuality.  Why?  Because they’re ashamed to pass on what God says about sinful behavior in His Word.  For those who find themselves in this quandary, author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley offers 7 reasons Christians must not be ashamed of the hard teachings of the Gospel.  She writes:

silentRomans 1:16 is such a great verse, isn’t it? And one of the things that’s great about it is that we can all agree on it. I mean, no self-respecting Christian would dream of saying she’s ashamed of the gospel, would she? It’s a rallying cry for evangelism and for standing against persecution. Of course we’re not ashamed.

In theory. But in practice?

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