Professor on Ultrasound Requirement for Abortion: ‘Could Be Compared to a State-sanctioned Rape’

According to CNSNews:

ultrasoundA law professor from University of California Irvine said on Friday that the requirement by some states that women have a transvaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion can be compared to “state-sanctioned rape.”

“The broad scope of the kinds of efforts that have been taken to undermine woman’s reproductive health are really quite expansive, right? The vaginal ultrasounds that are really like, could be compared to a state-sanctioned rape,” said Prof. Michele Goodwin at a symposium at Georgetown University Law Center, which focused on the pro-abortion movement.

The event, “Dismantling Reproductive Injustices; The Hyde Amendment and Criminalization of Self-Induced Abortion,” featured Goodwin and other pro-abortion advocates who seek abortion-on-demand and taxpayer-funded abortion through federal health programs.

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